Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a lot to read, but these are the most commonly asked questions because it’s all important info! So, now you can save yourself some emails back and forth, and find out what you get with me as your photographer. I hope it’s helpful!


  • You’re based in Winston-Salem, NC, do you travel? Are there fees?
    I do travel! (and love it) Travel is usually included for anywhere from here to Asheville, Charlotte, Raleigh, and Blacksburg, VA. Beyond that, custom fees are available depending on whether I need to stay the night, fly, etc. Are you thinking of getting married/shooting in one of these places on my bucket list? I’d love to chat about ways to make that happen!
  • How do you deliver the photos?
    Digitally, you’ll receive an online gallery through Pixieset. There you can view your photos, hide any private ones, share them with friends/family, download the files, and order prints. The amount of time your gallery is available may vary, but they’re usually up for a year. You’ll download the whole set immediately, anyways, right? 😉
    In print, my clients have absolutely loved their custom albums handmade right here in the US, as well as custom framed wall art/canvases, and sturdy desk prints. At your consultation, you’ll be able to see and feel for yourself why they’re so popular.
  • Where can we read your reviews?
    I have a few reviews over on Facebook as well as the Knot! I can’t believe I’m so shy that I never asked for people to review me until recently. But we’re making progress!
  • Can we meet before we book?
    Making new friends over coffee, donuts, and really any type of food/beverage is my favorite thing! That’s why I love to get together with every one of my clients before their session or wedding. With that said, pre-booking consultations are honestly not as necessary as I once thought. I’ve put a lot of effort into making my website/pricing guide as clear and transparent as possible, so that you know pretty much off the bat whether I’m the right fit for you. So, between my Instagram, website, and our first couple of emails, you should be able to tell I’m the same chill and quirky ambivert across the board. With that said, I want to erase any concerns you have, so we can hop on the phone if you’re on the fence or need some specific questions answered!
  • How do we book ya?
    Fill out my contact form, first! I’ll try to get an idea of what you’re booking, and send a quote for your approval. Once approved, you’ll select a payment plan, sign the contract and pay a retainer fee ($250 portraits, $1500 weddings), and boom. You’re done.
  • Do you accept credit cards?
    Yes! Although, checks are best all around, because heyyy, no processing fees for anybody.


  • Do you have a second photographer/shooter?
    I do have quite a few I work with on a regular basis! So just say the word–it’s really easy to add one to your package. :) But I’m more than capable of photographing a wedding day on my own with the right schedule.
  • How long before we receive our pictures?
    I may need up to two months, but of course aim for less! It depends on your wedding date. April-June & Oct-Dec weddings are going to take the longest. I’m happy to estimate a delivery date for you when ya book. :)
  • How many pictures will we receive? Every wedding is different, and quality is so much more important to me than quantity, but I generally deliver 50-100 images per hour of photography.
  • Will you be able to work with our budget?
    It’s never easy to talk about money, but oh gosh, I have BEEN there. So I want to be as transparent as possible with you! I do this thing full time, all by myself. There’s no retirement or insurance included, and all expenses are paid for out of my own pocket, from taxes to equipment to subscriptions. So while I genuinely WANT to (and try to) work with your budget, there’s just not always a way to do that and still remain in business, because the “hard costs” do not go away no matter how badly I want them to. With that said, there are a few ways I’d be more likely to work with you if my pricing falls outside of your budget: 1) You elope. (Just kidding, kinda) 2) Your wedding is on a day other than Saturday! 3) Your wedding is during my slower season, July-August and January-March. 4) You’re getting married last minute (within 2-5 months from now).
  • We keep seeing talk of First Looks, what is it and why would we do that?
    Traditionally, there’s been a lot of superstition surrounding a bride and groom seeing each other before the ceremony. But couples are finding SO many reasons to buck this tradition, and not only share that sweet “first look” moment in an intimate setting, but also get most of their portraits out of the way before the ceremony. Check out this blog post to find out how and why First Looks are so popular. (I wish I’d done one when I got married, just sayin’.)
  • Should we have a planner and/or coordinator?
    Yes, absolutely. A great coordinator or planner is the greatest gift on your wedding day! I will happily help build a great photo timeline, but I simply cannot be the point person on your day AND do my job as the creative documentarian you hired me to be (which is what happens every time there’s not at least a director/coordinator!).
  • Do you have any vendor recommendations?
    Yes, of course! After you book, I’d love to brag on all the awesome vendors I’ve worked with in the past. :)
  • Can we see full galleries?
    Sure! Just ask and I’ll gladly send some over! But you can also check out the blog here for featured weddings.
  • Do you do venue visits?
    Not really. It’s a myth that your photographer needs to visit your venue beforehand. No matter what, I always show up early and explore your venue. On top of that, all of my years of experience and lighting equipment come to every wedding. So between my skill, preparation, and equipment, you’re in good hands.