behind the camera

      Don’t mind me. I’m just over here eating brunch and Googling how to keep my plants/daughter alive, and photographing cute humans in between.

      Based in Winston-Salem, NC, & available to all of NC + the world.

      *Image credit at bottom of page.

      oh, hi.

      Being invited into people’s lives with this camera is a huge honor I don’t take lightly. These are some of your biggest, most special moments. Which is why I want you to explore every page to make sure we’re a good fit! Because if you’re looking for someone who’s the life of the party, you might not find it here. But if you’re looking for some classic yet artistic photographs that tell a story, a chill human who cares about you, and images that represent how you want to feel in this moment? Hi!

      A few ingredients go into what you see.

      Some pretty light, lots of trust, and a little (big) glimpse into your life and love is all I need.

      Worried about being awkward? So have every single one of my couples, and look at them now. We can even be awkward together. :) So go ahead and get to know me below.

      More about me + us + my approach >>>

      my approach + my other loves

      Photography Approach


      Photography Approach

      Quality over quantity is my mantra, in life and in photo. That means instead of shooting away for over an hour, I take my time to bring you something you’ll appreciate forever. For most sessions, genuineness, creativity, and beauty are what I strive for, but unless you’re a model, the ability to be genuine in front of a camera doesn’t come naturally. But by the end of each session we do get there, and it’s awesome! It just takes time, and I’ve built my sessions around that fact.


      A typical session currently involves warm sunlight (a couple hours before sunset) at an outdoor location of our choosing, where you can relax while I do all the work trying to capture your interactions and expressions for album-worthy photos.


      I often incorporate trees and unique scenes into my sessions, so the further we have to walk (hike) to a great location, the better! We can stay around Winston-Salem, or I can come to you elsewhere! Think: beach, Blue Ridge Pkwy, hiking, amusement park…


      To keep things relaxed and natural, my sessions are a minimum of 90 minutes and close to the end of the day. No stress allowed. During that time, you can soften those shoulders, sink into your loved ones arms, and forget the world, as long as you bring along a sense of humor and some love.


      After your session, I work hard for a week or two to create beautiful images for your wall art and albums that will be treasures for your future self, and someday your children and their children… So they can marvel at your life and love in 2018.
      For weddings, you can imagine there’s a bit more that goes into it. ;) Why don’t you explore my portfolio, then we’ll grab a coffee!

      TV shows: Parks and Rec or Parenthood.

      Something along the lines of these shows is always playing in the background while working.


      All things chocolate ganache & caramel.

      All things Mary Poppins (esp. the broadway musical)

      Somehow this story has become my favorite as an adult.


      They'll be worked into your pictures whenever possible.


      Who doesn't love them?

      Symphony and folk music

      I'm very passionate about my Apple Music playlists, and am dying to share them with everybody.

      NPR & Science

      Nerd alert.

      NOT Scary Stuff

      I do NOT love Zombies, ghosts, aliens, spiders... NOPE!

      "Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage."

      - Lao Tzu

      a little

      about us


      It’s crazy to think that I’ve been married to Nick for 7 years already, and together for almost 9! And at the beginning of 2019, our dream came true. The light of our lives came into the world and made us parents. Before her, we watched Panther’s football and The Office, listened to Needtobreathe and Johnnyswim, and took weekend trips to the Blue Ridge mountains.

      Now we pretty much spend all our time listening to nursery rhymes and playing at home with our amazingly joyful daughter, Emberly. And when I’m with you, Nick stays home and holds down the fort for now. Maybe you can help me convince him to join forces with me somehow? Yes?



      Accolades aren’t my thing, but sometimes a sweet blog will fall in love with my couples as much as I have. Below are a few of those sweet blogs! Along with a few extra features. Looking for reviews? Check out what folks are saying about me on the Knot, below!