Featured: Tyler + Hannah Sneak Peek | Asheville Wedding

It was a hot July day in the mountains of North Carolina when around 200 folks came together from as far as Tennessee and Missouri to celebrate Tyler and Hannah. Right outside of Asheville, tucked away in the greenery of the Crest Center Pavilion, our backdrop was the Blue Ridge and Great Smoky Mountains, so of course I was pinching myself.

From the grassy plain where the ceremony was held, a hazy outline of mountains could be seen off in the distance. It was the perfect spot to tie the knot. Afterwards, guests filed into the beautiful building adjacent to the ceremony site for the reception. And in case you’re not jealous yet, please know that the building had huge windows for walls! So, not only could the beautiful setting still be seen from inside, but a calm breeze would blow through the open windows from time to time. Basically a place from my dreams, and probably yours. But most importantly, it turned out to be Hannah’s “dream wedding”, as she described it to her parents that night. I can’t disagree, Hannah!

I’m so thankful to have been part of their day, and thought I’d take a moment to share just a handful of my favorites from their wedding! It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, anyways, so we’re overdue for a post!


a Winston-Salem and Asheville wedding photographer

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…and they lived happily ever after.

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a Winston-Salem and Asheville wedding photographer