Featured: Lindsay & Dillon | Engaged in Winston-Salem

When I met Lindsay and Dillon quite a few months ago, I was amazed at how kind and laid back these two teachers are! So all you parents in Winston-Salem can take a deep breath, because your kids are clearly in good hands.

The two met and became friends during college, both on track to be educators, but from different colleges. They stayed in touch throughout the years, until they finally started a long-distance relationship a year and a half after graduating. Winston-Salem holds a significant place in their hearts, being the only city they’ve lived in together, and represents this sweet merging of their lives. So when they booked me for their wedding, they expressed how nice it would be to stay nearby for engagements.

When you see these pictures, you’re probably going to smile like I am, because their joy is contagious. They dance, they laugh, and they look at each other the way soulmates should. So, of course they made my job easy. And Old Salem turned out to be the perfect backdrop to Lindsay and Dillon’s spring engagement session, bringing out their colorful, bright, and classic personalities. We are all so excited for June to get here!


an Asheville and Winston-Salem wedding photographer

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