Featured: Jarrett + Ashland Sneak Peek | North Carolina Backyard Wedding

A few weddings have gone by since I posted, so I thought my last 2016 wedding would be the perfect opportunity! Not only that, but Ashland and Jarrett are friends of mine, so it was an extra meaningful wedding to photograph. There will be plenty more moments in the final group, but for now, enjoy some highlights below! (You can view some of Ashland’s bridals in this separate post.) :)


On Saturday, two hearts of gold became one in the presence of a small group of family and friends. Everyone gathered in the backyard of Ashland’s mom’s home in Clemmons. It was just beautiful. We loved the way they incorporated a globe into their decor, and lined the extra long tables with vintage tableware for guests! (not pictured here) And I would expect nothing less of two stylish, missions-minded Christ followers.

It was a little nippy in the shade when Jarrett and Ashland shared in a time of worship and prayer. And the sun lit a fiery wall of pine trees above them as it was setting. I mean, it couldn’t have been more perfect! Having known both of them personally for a few years, it was extra special to be there as they made a covenant before God and loved ones.

Since November gets pretty chilly after dark, the reception was just long enough to keep warm by the firepit and enjoy the good company before taking off! But not before a fun run under some sparklers.

Second shooter: Alex Baker
Dress: Mori Lee
Venue: Mom’s backyard (wedding), Millennium Center (bridals)


The Bridals

We adventured around the Millennium Center for Ashland’s bridal session, you have to check it out here.

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These vintage chairs (and coat) are her grandma’s. I can take no credit for this idea, but don’t the newlyweds look so fancy?
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And they lived happily ever after.

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