Featured: A Blue Ridge Engagement | Brielle & Chrison

Allow me to start off by telling you what a special friend Brielle has been to me for 12+ years. We’ve come a long way from those silly, nerdy freshmen girls we used to know! She’s one of the few friends I have who can go without talking for months, yet things pick right back up where they left off. Who knew that at the bus stop on that first day of high school, that the two of us would become such good friends and be in each others’ weddings! She is sweet, thoughtful, intelligent, driven, about to finish grad school, and I am super proud of who she’s become. I don’t know Chrison nearly as well, but based on all I’ve heard since they were in the “friend” stage, I’ve been on board from the beginning.

I wanted their engagement portraits to be special since I’ll be a bridesmaid and won’t be doing the wedding photography. So, we wound up meeting at Mount Mitchell. I don’t even know why I consider myself a Winston-Salem wedding photographer anymore, because somehow the mountains around Asheville steal me away for every engagement session… And I love it!! So I was thrilled when Brielle and Chrison agreed to meet me off the Blue Ridge parkway for their portraits! Turns out they love to hike up there.

It was a chilly afternoon at the highest elevations in NC, but the setting, the light, the smells, and the views from the Blue Ridge Parkway leading up there made it all worth it! These two were troopers in the brutal wind, and their attitudes about the whole thing were incredible. Seriously. After dealing with road closures, we only had about 20 minutes, and I couldn’t have imagined these turning out any better! I’m thrilled to have shared the memory with them.

All my love and happy wishes to you both in this season! June 5th can’t get here soon enough.


A Winston-Salem and Asheville Wedding Photographer

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