Featured: Alec + Drake Sneak Peek | Wedding at Old Town Club, Winston-Salem

Congratulations to the newlyweds, Alec & Drake Beauchamp! It was fun. It was meaningful. And you both looked great!

Their love was strong, and even when the pastor innocently forgot to tell Alec to kiss his bride, they didn’t miss a beat! Here is a little sneak peek from a few parts of the day! And don’t go anywhere, because you have to see more of Drake’s stunning bridal portraits here.


an Asheville & Winston-Salem wedding photographer

Florist: Imagine Flowers
Cake: Cake and All Things Yummy
DJ: Keith Byrd
Bridesmaids dresses: Badgley Mischka
Wedding gown: WToo
Videographer: Noah Williams
Coordinator: Jan Agostino
Venue: Old Town Club

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The End.
(for now)

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an Asheville and Winston-Salem wedding photographer