Behind the Camera

Based in Winston-Salem, NC & available for travel to all of North Carolina, West Palm Beach, and worldwide.

Behind the Camera:

Over 30 weddings and numerous sessions later, I’m still in love with what I get to do! Thank you for the opportunities to keep growing these past 6+ years as a professional. You’re not just my clients, you’ve become my friends.
I am Winston-Salem grown, and picked up photography while in college (8 years strong). When I moved back to North Carolina this guy named Nick wooed me with his charming smile, and turned out to be my dream man. We’ve been married 3 years now, and I couldn’t have imagined a better person to spend my life with!
Although justice, missions, and raising a family are in my future, for now I’m here with you. Creating. And I’m excited about that! Tell me about yourself.

Fun facts:
If I’m working, I’m most likely playing Gilmore Girls or Parks and Rec in the background. But when I’m not, you’ll probably find me with my husband somewhere with a good view and good food.
Mary Poppins inspires me, the character and the musical.
I love trees, and always work them into a session whenever possible.
My favorite animal since childhood has been the three-toed sloth (no, they can’t be pets, I checked).
Classical and folk music get my creative juices flowing before your session.
I’m an NPR nerd.
Sometimes I read scientific journals for no reason.
I’d have a tattoo by now if I wasn’t afraid of needles. And broke.
I don’t do “scary”– zombies, ghosts, aliens, spiders–NOPE!
Breakfast for dinner, please.

Photography Approach
Quality over quantity is my mantra, in life and in photo. That means instead of shooting away for over an hour, I take my time to bring you something you’ll appreciate forever. For most sessions, genuineness, creativity, and beauty are what I strive for, but unless you’re a model, the ability to be genuine in front of a camera doesn’t come naturally. But by the end of each session we do get there, and it’s wonderful! It just takes time, and I’ve built my sessions around that fact.

A typical session currently involves warm sunlight (a couple hours before sunset) at an outdoor location of our choosing, where you can relax while I do all the work trying to capture your interactions and expressions for album-worthy photos.

I often incorporate trees and unique scenes into my sessions, so the further we have to walk (hike) to a great location, the better! We can stay in Winston-Salem, or I can come to you elsewhere! Think: beach, Blue Ridge Pkwy, hiking, amusement park…

To keep things relaxed and natural, my sessions are a minimum of 90 minutes and close to the end of the day. No stress allowed. During that time, you can soften those shoulders, sink into your loved ones arms, and forget the world, as long as you bring along a sense of humor and some love.

After your session, I work hard for a week or two to create beautiful images for your wall art and albums that will someday be treasures for your children and their children… So they can marvel at your life and love in 2017.
For weddings, you can imagine there’s a bit more that goes into it. ;) Why don’t you explore my portfolio, then we’ll grab a coffee!

Member of Professional Photographers of America
Member, Professional Photographers of America

image credit: Xan’s Eye Photography

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